how to get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne

i have acne i have tried everything but i can't find the answer.
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i know this might seem a little weird but toothpaste works miracles, just put a little bit on a pimple and leave it on overnight it shrinks down and the redness goes away
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I am a CA. State Board Licensed Esthetician. The first day of esthetician school, I learned that the pH of the skin is 4.5, as soon as this is disrupted due to products and exposure to water and sun, it becomes higher-which is what the acne bacteria likes. What you have to do, is lower the pH so that the acne bacteria can't function. You need to buy a bottle of apple cider vinegar, not white vinegar. It costs around a dollar. Mix it with good water, not tap water. Then apply it to your skin with some gauze, at night before bed. After a couple weeks, you will see a significant improvement.
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i also have some problems with acne ):
3 moths ago i visited my doctor, and i got medicines. I still take them in the morning and in the evning, and my skin looks better .
Some of them are still there, but the medecines helped me to prevent new ones.
I think it's advisable, when you talk with your doctor and then use all the medicines you get . :)
And there is one thing, i use the peeling against mitesser and acne from garnier skin naturals and it's really good, so try it if you want :)

sorry if my english is not perfect, i want to talk better and i would be happy if someone of you girls from UK would write to me:D
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Have you tried ProActive? It's one of the best lines for acne prone skin. What are you currently using?
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ProActiv is a good skin system to help with allover acne. If you have t-zone acne or just random breakouts, you can get an acne fighting cleanser. Neutrogena and Clean & Clear have good facial cleansers that help fight acne while keeping your skin from getting dried out.
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