how to be white?

How to be white?

i hve ugly skin how to be wthite?
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Can you give us more details on your question? Do you mean more even skin tone? Fading discolorations? You can always try a "brightening" serum to help fade brown spots, etc....I've heard great things about a product called "White Lucent" by Shiseido. It's a spot targeting serum to help improve clarity and radiance. Hope this helps!
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I don't really understand your question. Do you mean white hair? White skin? White Toenails?
If you have pale skin (I do, too, and I really struggle to find foundation or powder the right tone!) then try 'natural collection''s face powder in 'warm'. That works perfectly for me, and I use it under my eyes, applied with a clean finger, and over any spots. To fix it for the day, I quickly spray hairspray over my face, and it's still easy to remove the makeup with facial wipes.
To shape the cheeks, use a little pale bronzer or a darker facial powder, and apply a little peachy blusher. Finish by applying mascara and you're set for the day. The mascara will frame the eyes and take the emphasis away from the condition of your skin. Hope this helps! x
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