How often should you use a mud mask?

How often should you use a mud mask?

First of all, I don't understand how the mud mask doesn't clog your pores, and make any skin condition worse. I know you have to wash it thoroughly, but still -- it's mud (wet dirt) that you're compacting into your pores. Don't clogged dirty pores cause pimples?

I can't deny that it doesn't help my skin. Was that a double-negative? Let's just say, it helps clear my skin. I just want to do it every two days. Is that too much? Should it be once a week or every other week?
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It depends on the shelf life of the product. However the sooner you use it, the better. Check this blog post to know the best mud masks available
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I've used this product for 3 years and I love it!!!!!! I use it once a week
and absolutely love the results.
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Thanks for your input. Reading the box, and following directions are two different things. Just as my car should get premium 91 octane, 87 is "good enough."

I've resisted masking every couple of days, and will bump it up to once a week.
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I would say once per week, no more. The mud mask should say on the packaging how often to use but I would bet it's no more than once per week. You don't want to dry your skin out by overusing it.
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Clogged pores do cause acne and pimpled to form. Every two days doesn't sound too healthy. I'd have to say once a week.
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The mud actually sits on the skins surface never entering the pores, and acts as a detoxifying agent. These natural muds draw out impurities, aid in reducing pore size and absorbing excess oil. It is recommended to use facial mud masks once to twice a week or as recommended by your skincare professional (Aesthetician). Overuse of OTC mud masks will cause dryness, irritation or lead to damage of the skins natural lipid barrier.
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