how do you make homemade face masks

How do you make homemade face masks

i dnt like using chemical face mask, I prefer homemade
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i ahve tried banana and oatmeal this morning it helps thx xxxxx
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I love banana and oatmeal or even yogurt and a bit of honey.
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Homemade face mask are so much fun! You can use oatmeal and plain yogurt. You can use avocados and the juice of citrus fruits for very dry skin.Add some olive oil and honey to the mixture.
Egg whites and yogurt is a soothing facial mask.
Ground coffee, cocoa and yogurt with honey or lime makes a mask that helps with puffiness and will brighten a dull complexion.
Now this is a funny one but they say it works. I think I am going to try it myself. Kitty Litter mask (unused litter of course!)
Natural clay cat litter is made of clay formed into tiny pellets and dried. Be sure to check the ingredients for "sodium betonite clay" or "100 percent natural clay."
Mix in a couple tablespoons of the cat litter with water and drops of oil. I'd recommend lavender oil. It smells wonderful and you won't feel like your cat just peed on your face ha ha
Apply and then wash off after 15 minutes
Have fun!
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