how do you get rid of spots!

How do you get rid of spots!

i want a real good answer because i have so many on my forehead
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Here are some ways to avoid blemishes and cure them...

Make sure to exfoliate 1x wk
Wash your face when you get home or before you go to bed
Use oil-free moisturizer and foundation (try bareMinerals Matte Foundation)
Use a sulfur on-the-spot treatment (Murad, bareMinerals, MyChelle)
Don't touch your face
Use blotting sheets to remove excess oil in the middle of the day

Hope this helps!
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"Spots" can mean pimples or you mean pimples? What are you currently using? There is a great product called Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel that works great! It's a treatment that you apply twice per day. Spots primarily on your forehead can be triggered by sweat so make sure you are washing that area really well at night. Clearisil products work well for pimples, I would recommend their line if you haven't tried yet. Hope this helps a bit!
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I also has alot of pimpels, try to clip up your fringe to let air.
I use a clinique set and it really got rid of spots ; o ;
Drink alot of water and don´t eat chips!
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