How do you get rid of hair on your arms

How do you get rid of hair on your arms

I have dark hair and it is starting to get noticable on my arms and just so you wont say it i will not shave my arms it will just get worse then
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You could also bleach the hair or nair it!
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Waxing is an o.k. option, but if there's someone in your area that does sugaring-that's an even better option. Sugaring goes with the grain of the hair, so less irritation, less pain & no ingrowns. Try the YELP for waxing and sugaring deals in your area. Go with someone that has a lot of good reviews.
You could also do an at-home laser system has a lot of good reviews for it. It also costs around $400. So, it might be something you request as a birthday or Christmas gift. Then you could use it to get rid of all your unwanted hair, legs, underarms, etc. and it doesn't grow back.
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Laser hair removal would be your best option but it's pricey. You could will grow back but you should be good for about 4-5 weeks. I would never suggest shaving! That's the worst thing to do.
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If you can afford it, Laser is the best way to get rid of it permanently.
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