How do you get rid of garlic and onion breath?

I know this doesn't fit into any category, but it's somewhat... well-being-related. Wouldn't want to go on a date and have lingering garlic breath afterward. Mints, mouthwash, and brushing can only do so much. Any other suggestions? (Besides not eating the yummy?)
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I heard an apple helps get rid of bad breath...but i'm not sure if it covers up something as strong as garlic/onion breath. dunno...but i'll prob try giving that a shot next time!
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Thanks @cindybeu6 you are awesome. Bitter tea is actually a great way too, but the mustard one is new to me! (:
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I did this how to for u !! /trends/fashion/how_to/how-to-get-rid-of-bad-breath-from-onion-/WdpwRMoD7UxfmT3QDxNnDjRKxrede0qJ.html . It is my first trend!! XOXO
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