how do you get rid of dark spots left from pimples

How do you get rid of dark spots left from pimples

like i use this new vichy dark spot remover but all it did was dry out the scar from the pimple and i am not sure what to do like is the scar gonna go away the scar is in my t- zone aera i also use vichy toner
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i use a product called pentaxol that i use for dark marks and scars from acne
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Well i suffer from this also! I use moisturiser at night, E45 cream and a toner with witch hazel and tea tree. Also if you ever have spots, DO NOT PICK OR SQUEEZE THEM!! This is the main cause of scarring from pimples. Also when you have the pimple use a tea tree spot stick, which you can buy from Wilko's for 98p. If your spots are that bad go to the chemist and the provide an anti-inflammatory which will prevent spots, swelling and scars. Hope this helps! x
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