How do you get rid of bags ????

How do you get rid of bags ????

I go sleep on school days around 10.30 -11.30 and wake up 6.20-6.30. Because of how late I go sleep I have a few bags under my eyes. No offance but I really dont like them and would like to get rid of them naturally. I know make up helps and all but what are some ways I can get rid of them quickly. Thanks if you help answering my question :) xxxxx
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Cucumbers chilled or even sometimes tea bags! There are great eye creams that contain caffeine in them to help out and firm the skin too.
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As a single mother of 2 babies and a student i know the answers!

Reducing Dark Circles Around Eyes
Chamomile tea has been found to help relieve eye fatigue and dark circles. A simple remedy is to dip 2 chamomile tea bags in warm water. After 5 minutes, remove the tea bags from the water and let them cool to room temperature. Then place them on your eyes at night as a compress.

A make-up artist once told me to apply Preparation H to undereye bags- strange but it works every time!
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Concealer or Cucumber slices will do the trick!i have to wake up fur school at the same time and thats how i get rid of them!
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Drink a glass of cherry juice at around 8pm. The cherries contain a compound that help you sleep. So, you'll go to bed earlier naturally and this will fix your bags the easiest way. You could also try cucumber slices.
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to get read bags, put a cooled spoons under each eye and wait for 10min. or put the right amount of concealur.
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