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How do you get rid of acne fast? how do u ,ake ur face clean and clear and healthy

i want to look like in this picture for my skin... but how?
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I answered a similar question just now--try looking into an acne spot treatment. I've used Clean and Clear ones before, and those usually do the trick pretty well. Apart from that, it's also good to use an astringent to disinfect the area before treating it.
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I always recommend the ProActive Line.....I've had several friends swear by it. Clearasil is an affordable option to try also. Try a facial wash with salicylic acid to prevent breakouts. Spot eliminating gels also work on individual pimples.....Neutrogena has a good one and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion gives immediate relief from pimples. Use it at night and rinse off in morning. Good Luck!
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Make sure to wash your face every night with an acne cleanser and remove all of your makeup! Also, try a charcoal or sulfur mask. That usually helps too :)
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Getting rid of acne is every girls (or guy's) dream. Heres how you can achieve clear skin FAST.
1. Keep your hands off your face (the oils and bacteria on your hands can cause breakouts.
2. Wash your face 2 time a day with mild soap or cleanser, your choice.
3. Buy some Benzoyl peroxide and apply to the pimples ONLY, to dry them out. Do NOT pop them.
4. Stop wearing oil based foundations, or if possible dont wear much or any. If you have to, wear mineral powders.
5. Become stress free! Stop stressing about everything and your pores wont get any pressure from stress!
6. Use Proactiv.
7. Use the Clearasil line of products.
8. Put toothpaste on the pimples overnight and wash it off in the morning.
9. Tea tree oil seems to work too.
10. Try and cut out fatty foods from your diet.

Hope these things work :)
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Best best is to get on a skin care system. I know a lot of people praise Proactive. But I would also recommend going to get a facial! That is a great way to have the skin cleansed.
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