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How do you clear your acney without burning your skin?

when ever i clear my acney with clean and clear it makes my skin red and my acney gets darker. What brands can make my acney go away without burning my skin?
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i thank all you guys for the great answers really worked rorygautsch thanks!!!! <3
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im a mermaid
I don't see any acnee! lol
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I would use a spot facial wash, such as a Nivea facial wash or even use creams perscriped by a doctor for the night before bed. I have recently suffered this, and see and know how stressfull this is, when you want to make your apperence the best possible but with the acne, It just isn't possible. But, if i was you, i would get this sorted asap, before it spreads and gets worse to scarring your skin. But, a important thing to know is to never put makeup over the area, because the area will need to breath...
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Sounds like the Clean and Clear is too strong for your skin. I would agree with @GoodFaith that Cetaphil would be great for you to try....fragrance free and very gentle on your skin. Neutrogena would be another good brand to try....They make an oil-free Pink Grapefruit Wash for Acne prone skin.
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I would just use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil cleanser and wipe your face with Witch Hazel before bed. That should fix the problem. Be careful about the makeup you're using as well. Switch over to mineral makeup.
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