How do u put on mascara

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I like to kinda wiggle it into my lashes and then blink into it.
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Do not pump you mascara wand in the bottle. This pull sin the oxygen and causes bacteria to form. Also do not share your mascara wand with your friends. Its unsanitary and can cause eye infections.
Take the wand and gently brush the mascara onto your lashes in upward strokes. Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye because nothing hurts worse than a jab in the eye with a mascara wand!
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you take the brush and run it across the upper and bottom lashes but be steady so you don't poke you're eye or get it on your face.
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I take my mascara wand and wiggle the brush up from the rim toward my forehead. Swipe the inner hairs towards the inner brows and the outer hairs out to your temples. This will give you the fullest and thickest look.
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You take the little brush than u go from the top of your eyelashes to the top and BAM!! instant lashes just make sure not to get it in your eye
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