how do i test for oily skin?

How do i test for oily skin?

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If you're oily all over your face (cheeks, forehead, nose, chin), then you are definitely oily. Also, oily skin tends to have larger pores. Combination skin means you are oily only in the T-zone areas (nose, forehead, sometimes chin) and drier/normal on the cheeks and outer areas of the face. Do you need help with picking a product for your skin type?? If so, let me know :)
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great, this is helpful! :)
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Get those oil blotter papers and blot your t-zone and cheeks! You can get them at Wallgreens or even the grocery store.....I use Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Papers and you can see how oily your face is! If your nose and t-zone get shiny after an hour or 2, you are probably oily in that area.
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