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How do i manage/get rid of forever, my constantly chapped, sore and red lips?

Every late fall/entire winter, I get HORRIBLE chapped, sore and red lips. It is super gross and uncomfortable. How can I manage this and/or get rid of it for good?
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Same here! I love Eos balm. It's perfect!
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Definitely carry Chapstick always but also at night I put a heavy coat of lip balm of chapstick on my lips and slightly around my mouth (because it gets chapped too) and then sleep with it like @buxombeachbabe said. :)
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A little Burts Bees chapstick or Carmex right before bed. Sleep w/it on and it'll help!
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use chapsitick whenever you have a chance it helps so much especially during the winter carmex is a really good way to insure you dont get chapped lips.
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I agree with @@Beeisg, a gentle exfoliation of the lips tends to do the trick. A trick that I do is to dab the lips with butter and then take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently brush in circular motion. Follow with a lip moisturizer. Let us know if any of our tips helped.
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Maybe it's time to switch up your chapstick!

Have you tried the Lip Scuff stuff from Body Shop? I've used it before and it helps. I then use the Lip Butters they have and they moisturize my lips very nicely.
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Lip Scuff Body Shop
Hi, it is a good idea to use olive oil at night, and on a weekly basis do a peeling with natural yogourt, sea salt and some drops of honey. Honey would help heal almost immediately chapped lips. Most importantly, drink enough water, and try not to wet your lips during the day. If you do by not using a straw, then reaply your lipstick immediately. Also, no matte colors, but creamy.
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