how do i loose extra belly fat?

How do i loose extra belly fat?

i have belly fat i want to loose, very fast. please be detailed about this answer. (:
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If you find out an answer, please let me know. ;)
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Check out
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My mum did the Dukan diet and it worked! You have to be strong willed but she lost 3 stone in 3 months!
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the problem is you can't target weight loss. it really all depends on your body shape/type. if you lose belly fat, you'll lose other fat elsewhere and it might be a place you don't want it gone from. you could have a body type that requires you shrinking alot everywhere else to get rid of your belly too, so its a catch 22 situation. you can tone up your stomach by doing crunches or other excercises; giving it a flatter, more toned look. this might be what you mean by belly fat. if you want a more toned look, look up some excercises specifically for that. check youtube or your local gym. also, your excess weight could be bloat. try to keep yourself regular with lots of fiber and balanced meals and try to stay away from processed foods and snacks (all those chemicals do crazy things to your body). and lots of water! hope that helped.
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I would recommend keeping a journal and writing down everything you're eating. You need to start reading labels on food packages. Pay attention to the sugar, carbs and sodium that are in them. Drink only water, for a while. Drinks are a big source of calories, and will definitely add to belly fat. If you get bored, you can try club soda and tea or putting some lemon or lime in the water, but absolutely no sodas!!! You can also buy a bottle of green tea capsules, which will help you burn belly fat safely. But it at the healthfood store or order it on Amazon. You need to exercise. There's no way to lose belly fat, if you don't get out there and move. Start by power walking around your block a couple times a day. Also, do some simple stretches while you're watching TV, etc. Be patient, you didn't put the weight on overnight and you're not going to lose it overnight. In the meantime, find a feature about you-maybe it's your eyes, maybe it's your legs, your nails etc. and showcase those things; by playing them up. Put nice eye makeup, wear a skirt, get a manicure, etc. You get the idea. This will boost your self-esteem for the time being.
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