How do i get rid of the dark "circles" "bags" "w.e's" , under my eyes?

I would first like to know how to fix this with makeup because I feel like whatever I wear, they still show up. Of course , a more permanent solution would be great too.
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drink a lot of water and sleep more..
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sleep lots--- ,drink lots ,----a mix of coffee and water and aply under the eye(dont get in in your eye!)leave it there for a minute or two this might help but if not maybe you could go to a doctor for more advise :z
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The best concealer is from Bobbi Brown. They sell both a corrector and full coverage concealer. Another option is from Estee Lauder. My coworker swears by the Estee Lauder one. I love my Bobbi Brown one.
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First of all rubbing your eyes frequently, going to bed with makeup on is a cause of dark circles or bags under your eyes.Like other people said you should probably see a doctor about this if it does not go away with some home remedies,such as caffeine,liquid concealer that matches your skin tone.Also dehydration might be it also,so you can also drink a lot of water.In a more serious case this may cause thyroid and kidney problems that can cause under-eye fluid retention. But that is a serious case so i just think you should stick with the concealer or caffeine.
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Make an appointment with your Doctor, to rule out an iron deficiency; that might be causing this.
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