how do i get rid of spots?

How do i get rid of spots?

well i keep getting loads of spots and i just want a natural way to get rid of them?
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As many others here wrote before me: washing your face is most important to improve your skin. Altho, spots are not easy to get rid of so you do need some help! Try not to eat sweets and chips (help!) and keep calm. If you get stressed often the spots will most likely break out even worse. Stress, sweat and worries does make it worse. Spots are totally natural and will disappear with some patient. Good luck! <3
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I have heard that crushing up aspirin and applying it to the pimple can help. What are you currently using on your skin? You can try a cleanser with salicylic acid such as Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Wash.
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diet,, exersise mostly dont touch them espescially wash reguarlly!
sorry about spelling im rushing
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usually people buy some cosmetics to help with the spot problem. but its perfectly normal to get them, a lot of people do have them. if you think they are cute then don't do anything. listen to yourself and not others, its your life, not theirs.
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I am a Licensed Esthetician. I just wrote an article on back acne, but some of the advice will help with any acne. I tell of some natural ways to treat it. Check it out: Click on TRENDS, Then SKIN, the MOST RECENT. If you wear makeup, stop wearing it for a while and see if that helps.
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depends on age, diet and genetics. the best thing u can do to prevent spots is wash ur face regularly with a mild facewash- oh and dont touch ur face too much
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