How Do I Get Rid Of Itches ?

How do i get rid of itches ?

Gosh its starting to scare me , lately when i sleep , i wake up with bite on me that itch like crazy ! Mosquitoes are out of the question because its winter. HELP !!
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That's a toughie because to me it sounds like you have bed bugs :( Our house got infested one year because we picked it up from the hotel that we were staying at. I would call a professional just to check it out. They don't charge if you don't have it.
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DEF check for bed bugs...that's happened to me before! otherwise, if it's because of the dry weather, it may be b/c your skin is dry...try moisturizing before going to bed
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Okay Thanks , I Vacuumed And Laundried All My Sheets Though .....
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Sooth the skin with some aloe but yes, you might want to check for bed bugs - they exist. Wash your sheets in hot water and if that doesn't work, may need a new mattress.
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To fight itches temporarily try Cortizone. But... check to see whether your bed is infested... ):
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