How do I get perfectly clear skin, with a natural remedy?

How do i get perfectly clear skin, with a natural remedy?

Well, I always have to use foundation. But I don't like it. I have little acne, very little, but I want it to be clear, without any pimples or blemishes. What natural remedy should I use?
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Lush products always work for me, they do foundation which you mix with your moisturiser and it isn't harmful to your skin. They also do cleansing products but just a simple lush moisturiser would probably do the trick if you apply every day. Lush also do a product called 'Ultra Bland' which cleans your skin and helps get rid of spots. It is also good on sensitive skin. All the lush products are natural and although they may be a little bit pricey, they are worth it, they last a long time. /

I hope this helps
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Why don't you just use a concealer? It's lighter. I highly recommend bareMinerals foundation though. Also why don't you try an aspirin mask.
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I would suggest switching to a mineral powder foundation ( Which sits on the surface of your skin and doesn't clog pores. I would also wash your face twice a day & wipe your face with Witch Hazel-which can be found at the drugstores for a $2-$3 dollars.
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