How do i deal with ingrown hair?

I tend to get ingrown hair after shaving on my legs, which can be very annoying especially during the spring/summer when I’m bound to be wearing shorts. I was wondering, for all with similar issues, what products are good when it comes to dealing with ingrown hair? Thanks!
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Tend skin is the answer for ingrown hairs! I get them all the time in my bikini area and swear by this product. I've never had them on my legs.....make sure you are shaving in the same direction every time. You might want to try a leg wax one time to see if you have the ingrown hair problem then. Also, @GoodFaith has some great advice on sugaring.....she is an esthetician so this is her area of expertise!
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This is the best product to deal with ingrowns. You're in luck, because right now, they're offering free samples of their product if you go to their site. As an esthetician, I can tell you exactly why you're getting them in the first place. Anytime you're removing the hair in the opposite direction of it's growth, the hair can grow back and come out an angle. If you want to prevent this in the future, I would suggest sugaring. Sugaring removes the hair in the same direction of growth, so this doesn't happen. Check Yelp, for a place that does sugaring in your area.
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