How can i take away pimples using only items i have in my house?

how can i remove pimples using only items such as cucumbers or honey to smooth my face and to take away those bog ugly juicy pimples yukk!!
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Sometimes I use hydrogen peroxide and that seems to work :)
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I use toothpaste on mine too!
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For those of you playing the Macgyver home game...

Crushed aspirin moistened into a paste and applied to a pimple is regularly used as a home remedy.

Aspirin has long been known as an in-a-pinch zit zapper--but technology has created pimple-fighter 2.0 thanks to liquid gel formulas. “I hear makeup artists use this all the time on models backstage at fashion shows,” says beauty guru Robin Coe-Hutshing. “Open up an Advil gel cap and apply it right onto the pimple. It takes the swelling down right away.”
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how to get rid of pimples/acne
there are many ways to treat pimples and some take lomger than others.

treatment one
moisturize,moisturize and moisturize. If you moisturize every night before you go to bed after washing your face within a week you will see improvements e.g. less red, smaller.

treatment 2
lemon juice contains vitamin E which is well known for maintaining skins natural oils.5.Lemon juice. Apply lemon juice daily on your face with a cotton disk. Wait a few minutes and wipe your face with a wet towel.

treatment 3
toothpaste dries out a spot which causes it to scab, then the scab will heal leaving you with clearer skin.

bye hope it helped ;)
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toothpasste or tea tree oil
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Toothpaste definately works, leave it on a pimple for a while and wipe clean after a few hours, the next day you should definatley get some results!
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