how can i make my face less cakey?

How can i make my face less cakey?

My foundations very thick so i was wondering if theres anything i can do to thin it out and get a more flawless finish rather then a cakey face..
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Make sure you exfoliate you're skin and moisturize it first then use a primer and apply foundation with a brush. Liquid foundations are thinner than mousse ones, but foam foundations can be a lot lighter than both. Maybeline do a nice range, as do revlon. Another option is to use a BB cream which is a moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and SPF all in one. Garnier and Maybeline do these also.
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foundation brush
switch to a thinner less coverage foundation:)
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You could use those new BB creams, they give similar results to foundation without the heaviness.
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What do you use to apply the foundation? Try using a kabuki brush (even if it is a liquid foundation) to really buff the product into your skin.
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if your foundation is thick then maybe start using one of those foundation pad applicator things. if you already use them, you should try blending it in with your hair and neck. it will be less noticable. try only to usethe smallest bit though!
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Start with a clean face, then apply a thin layer of primer (MAC has a good one) You can also mix a little water into your foundation. Then apply it with a foundation brush, using downward strokes.
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