how can i get smooth face

How can i get smooth face

how can my face be flawless, no pimples
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Always removed your makeup at night and remember to exfoliate. If you currently have acne, try a treatment skincare line like Proactiv.
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i am too the same but i have blotches under my full fringe near hair line , i have quite oily skin and hair i have tried all products by clearasil and alot of other makes on the market , i even went to my doctor to see if he could give me anything but i have tried everything and too scared to take my fringe away because i dont want to show them off , but if you do find something tyat works please please tell me i would love to know x
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What are you currently using on your face? Have you tried Clearasil? They have a good line of products for acne prone skin. Make sure to wash your face before bed and try not to touch your face. Try to stay away from greasy foods and drink lots of water!
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