How can I get rid of my pimples?

How can i get rid of my pimples?

Since I was 13 my face suffers from bad pimples and black spots it is oily and it makes me look ugly... is it there any way to get rid of them? Creams never help...
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I never use make up just for that reason. I never used make ups. I live far away from my mother and my country now. I am originally from Greece but I live in the UK now. I went to dermatologist thousands of times but pimples never give up. Do you know any drastic methods to get rid of them once and for all?
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Consider making an appointment for an acne facial.
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Ask your mother if she can make an appointment for you to see a Dermatologist. Wash with a gentle face cleanser morning & night. Change your pillowcase frequently. Wipe down your cell phone on a regular basis. I would stop using whatever makeup you're wearing, & see if that helps. It's not usually the cause, but it can make breakouts worse.
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dont use makeup because one it will make it worse two dont use makeup , also wont anything but make i lighter three use acne cream and so your skin will be soft and beautiful dont be afraid to show you skin that is the way god made you but if it gets to a certain point then the best thing to do is use the cream but if it is like one or two pimples just dont use it it is wasting and if you dont have pimples be serious about your skin wash your face every day so your face will stay soft and beautiful and use light make or none at all be the best you, you could be and that you are.... sincerely and kind,hadiyah marie mcduffie
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Thank you girls I will use them both and I hope they will work, where can I find them? On supermarkets or only pharmacy?
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for best home remedies you can check out my article search in the search box type home remedies fro flawless skin
but if you want some facewashes i no u r dissapointed with creams but there are some which would surely help ya
here are some : neutrogena oil free acne face wash its really good on acne it works fast
himalay purifying neem face wash its really good it makes your skin flawless i use it daily
i hope my answer help ya
reply me soon
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I know how u fell what I did was i washed my face with a soap that called Pears twice a day. And try not touch your face with dirty hands. Hope this helped. Bye!!
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