how can i get rid of dead skin on my lips?

How can i get rid of dead skin on my lips?

When i wear lip gloss or chap stick i get a line of dead skin that forms at the top of my bottom can i stop this from happening?
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Exfoliate your lips when u wash your face and try applying chapstick more often throughout the day so the skin has time to hydrate
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Bicarb soda/baking soda/powder, a little bit of water so it's a paste. Like others said toothbrush as well. Put a balm/ointment (I like pawpaw ointment) on your lips before you even start any makeup - by the time you've done your face and eyes, and it's time to do the lips, they'll be really soft.
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use a exfoliating lip cleanser! you can buy them at lush! You can also use honey, vasaline and sugar, mix them together and eather use your finger or an old tooth brush and walah! What dead lip skin? (it will all be gone!)- ZK NO"S THE WAY
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v shes also right, exfoliating does work, and so does the tooth brush. There's a product in Mary Kay cosmetics that specifically is designed for dead skin on lips. it is an exfoliating cream but designed so that if its swallowed, it wont hurt you.
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she's right. a toothbrush works. u can exfoliate your lips....they r just skin. i suggest u exfoliate at night then apply a lip balm. you'll wake up with great lips.
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Brush your lips with your toothbrush. I know this sounds weird but it works. Get an old toothbrush and put a small amount of face wash on the bristles then scrub your lips. Immediately after put on chapstick.
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