how can i get rid of dark circles?

How can i get rid of dark circles?

I have tried so many different things and nothing gets rid of them, I've had them practically all my life so I think there hereditary, but they make me so conscious and I have to use this website to make them less dark in pictures :') please help!!!
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use a concealer lightly around the eye, and follow with a good setting powder before foundation. Have you tried any retinol products or spot removers?
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dear!use natural treatments.use curd or yoghurt,drink alot of water and have a sleep of atleast 7-8 hours.make these things your habit.i hope you will soon get rid of dark circles,wrinkles or other skin problems!
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I forgot...Another excellent inexpensive option would be to rub flaxseed oil under your eyes before bed everynight. You can buy a bottle at the healthfood store for $5-$10. It's not going to be with the beauty products, because normally it is taken internally as a supplement. You need to keep it in your fridge to keep to keep it fresh.
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1) Start wearing sunglasses and sunscreen on your face, anytime you are outside. The sun is making the dark circles worse.

2) Purchase a product that will cover the dark circles, while treating them at the same time. Product name: Teamine Website:
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