how can i get rid of acne?

How can i get rid of acne?

i am having problems with acne and it is extreamly annoying. ive tried every treatment but it doesent seem to work. so i am asking you guys to see if you have eny advice, hopefully?
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find out what your skin type is if you think it needs something really harsh to get rid of all the acne maybe you could try something light you would be surprised > like spectro jel or st.ives naturally clear apricot cleanser but if that doesnt work and you really cant find anything i would advise you go see a family doctor or a Dermatologist.
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I've been using home-made aspirin masks and it does an amazing job at keeping breakouts under control!
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Well , i broke out with acne 2 months ago . Just a little on the forehead , but it's been clearing up really quickly now . I would really recommend you to use Clean & clear -Oil-free cleanser . & of course , drink PLENTY of water . I know everyone goes 'I know , i know ..' 8 glasses . Thats what your body needs . Water is like medicine for our skin . 8 glasses everyday , your skin is sure to improve .
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Have you tried the ProActive line? It's one of the best for acne.
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If your acne doesn't respond to any treatment, you need to ask your mother to make an appointment for you to see a Dermatologist. Or you can schedule an appointment for an acne facial. The Licensed Esthetician can evaluate your skin and offer suggestions to you. Whatever you do, avoid picking at it, that will only lead to scarring.
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