how can i get cleaner skin ?

How can i get cleaner skin ?

my face have like pimples , not a lot, but it's there , and i hate that , so something that can make it cleaner and something that i maybe need to repeat sometimes , it doesn't matter.. Anthing :(((
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when my face gets bad a lay a warm wet wash cloth on my face so that the pores open up so that the dirt can come out easier when you wash your face afterword. i recommend using this face wash twice a day it's what i use and i don't get pimples very often at all.
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I think just getting into the habit of washing your face in the morning and at night will help a lot. The best thing about cleansers is that you only need a little to get the job done!!
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If I were you, I would try exfoliating the skin a couple times per week, in addition to washing your face every morning and night. That will keep your skin nice and clean. Here are a few products that you may find useful. They can all be found at your local drugstore for around $5 each.
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Having zits and pimples is a nightmare indeed. But don't worry they are the part of our life. I have few tricks that have worked always for me...lets see if they work for you as well...
1. Lets start with few easy steps. Always keep your face clean is the key to beautiful skin. Also check if u have dandruff. Wash off your hair daily. Apply lemon on your scalp with any good hair oil. This helps prevent dandruff. Keep your pillow covers clean and don't touch your face again and again.
2. Face doesn't sweat in winters so try to have steam after every 3-4 days to open up the closed pores and get rid of impurities. Also apply scrub on your face after 2-3 days.
3. Make a paste of green "Methi" leaves and apply on your face. Leave it over night and see the magic.
4. Make a magic lotion at home. Mix rose water, glycerin and lemon juice and apply it on face. It helps prevent pimples, hydrates the skin as well.
5. You can also make a paste of cinnamon or "jayfal" in milk and apply on pimples.
Above all wear a smile on your face and be confident. This is the best remedy. All the best.
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