how  to end acne

How to end acne

my face is fol of acne and i hate it
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Acne expulsion Pills works great, to get rid of zits. My acne is all gone, thanks to those pills.

IMO proactive, and products like that are only temporary
because they only work on top of the skin.

Acne Expulsion Pills, works internally so you actually
get better results, and its also more likely to clear your acne on a permanent basis, like it did with my acne.

Proactive didn't work for me personally; and the ones that it did work for, it probably only works just enough to keep you buying more and more with no cure in site.

Here's where I bought my Acne Expulsion Pills from

Hang in there. I guarantee Acne Expulsion Pills work.
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Before buying anything I recommend you to visit a dermatologist especially if it's very spread,don't worry everybody went through this
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Another option is to use Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Unblemish regimen. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are the same Doctors who created ProActive. Their unblemish skincare 60 day regimen is a step above proActive in that it delivers a multi-medicine approach and it truly works! If you would like to look at the product please go to Good luck.
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Agree with the others that you should try ProActive.......what are you currently using?
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I agree - try Proactiv face wash. It's helped a lot of people! Also, make sure that your moisturizer is oil-free, wash your face every night and get a on-the-spot sulfur treatment.
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Are you using anything for it? My niece had really bad acne not too long ago and she started using Proactive. Her skin has improved a lot!
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In her 20's

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