home made face masks easy and cheap?

Home made face masks easy and cheap?

i need a cheap and easy way to make an effective home made face masks....
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Take a scoop of plain greek yogurt, teaspoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon and mix it all together. Massage into the face, and rinse after ten minutes. The Egyptians used to do this and they had beautiful radiant skin.
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Egg mask really cleanses your skin and brings out the shine, making it look like it's illuminated from underneath! Simple, easy, quick and leaves your skin smooth. Just beat some eggs together and apply to your face. Hope this has helped. :)
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Face Mask to Refresh the Skin
Ingredients :

Apple 1/4

Peach 1/2

Tomato 1/2

Milk 1/4 Cup

Almond Oil 1 Tablespoon

- Peel all the fruits and mash them
- Add the milk and oil to the mashed fruits and use moderate heat with stirring, untill the mixture acquires the consistency of of a cream
- Leave to cool
- Apply a thick layer to the skin and leave for 30 minutes
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