Help with my skin PLS!!

Help with my skin pls!!

Ok so I haven't had the best skin but ever since I've had my daughter I have black heads EVER where (tmi on my chest also:( ) and acne on my chin line that itches. I am going to go to a dermatologists soon just wait for my dr to send a refural. Any help?
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While it depends on a number of factors, I suggest a mild exfoliation either with an oatmeal or pumpkin cleanser/mask. What are you currently using on your skin? Are you exfoliating enough? Blackheads are easy enough to get rid of as they consist of your skin's natural oil that has been exposed to oxygen. Regular exfoliation should get rid of it and make sure it stays away. I would recommend bareMinerals Glow Pads for you though. Really easy to use, mild yet efficient and also helps to even out skin tone.
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thanks i will try the stuff in ur article :)
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I would suggest scheduling an appointment for an acne facial. A trained Esthetician can safely remove the blackheads under steam. I am a Licensed Esthetician myself & have written an in-depth acne article. It's focus is back acne, but I think there's a lot of general advice for acne in general. You can find the article by going to the search bar at the top of the page and typing in: Bacne
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