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Help with my dark spots!

I have very dark spots on my fair skin from sun damage, is there any natural remedy for this?
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apply honey daily
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Thanks! Living in a beautiful sunny country does have its disadvantages!
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Hey, pigments caused by sun damage can be hidden with a good concealer but can be expensive..I tried derma blend and it is fantastic but is very expensive..Fade out cream will bleach the skin and lighten the areas but you will still need a sun cream every day to help keep skin clear. I use a foundation with sunscreen and it does help.. unfortunately there is no natural products that I know off for this just cover ups!
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This is the set I mentioned (click over to enlarge photo:
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I would recommend a series of glycolic peels with a Licensed Esthetician. You can also give yourself low percentage glycolic peels at home-make sure to follow the directions very closely (there's a good one called, The Brazilian Peel at home kit) I would also suggest using a cream at night, containing either azelaic acid or kojic acid. You can find one on Amazon.
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you can soak your face in lemon juice.
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