Help ! My Lip Is Gonna Explode !

Help ! my lip is gonna explode !

Okay , So I Finally Found My Chapstick That I Was Looking For Like Forever And When I Found It Again I Used It And The Next Morning , My Lip Was Really Puffed Out And It Had Little Bumps Everywhere !! I Know That The Cause Was From The Old Chapstick , But I Need Help On What I Should Put On My Lips !!
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You shouldn't use chapstick or any products like it. The chemicals in it are what may have caused the reaction. Even if you used it before, the chemicals in some lip products are the same chemicals used in embalming dead bodies and the same chemicals used in pesticides for your lawn. These are not things you should be using on or around your mouth (or eyes for that matter). Even if the chapstick didn't bother you before, the chemicals all stewing together untouched for awhile is not good. I would recommend using coconut oil which you can find in the organic or all-natural cooking section in most grocery stores. It is a white solid, usually sold in glass jars. Use this on and around your lips as a moisturizer instead of using embalming chemicals on your mouth (that chapstick doesn't just disappear, you swallow that stuff!!)
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Try just plain vaseline.....I also recommend Carmex Moisture Plus in the grey skinny tube.
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First, throw out that old chapstick. Then get some medicated Carmex lip balm to see if that helps reduce the puffiness. If the problem persists, go see a medical professional.
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