Haw can i get rid of my spots on my face

hey guys im realy tierd of my face i have a lot of spotes on my face i use a lot of pruducts and it seems that my face is getting worser. my face is filled with spots i feel embarrassed to go to school cuz of my face plzz help me so i could feel confedent wiv my self agen thank you
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thank you guys
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I had them too, but the trick is DON'T DO ANY MAKE UP on your face. Really, your face will just rebell. Put instead a little bit of a concealer and a bit of powder on your spots. That will also look more natural and you will feel better than with tons of make up on your face. And don't overcharge your face. Because if you concentrate a lot on your face it will just get worser & just keep your face clean and don't touch it with your hands so often, that will help a lot.
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You should get an acne cleanser and moisturizer. If you're oily, try a clay mask to regulate the oil and dry out your spots.
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use clarins paris face wash everyday or a good face wash to get rid of all the germs and slowly the spots will go away
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my sis said wash it every day
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