Has anyone tried this lotion by philosophy?

Just got a tiny sample of this "Inner Grace" lotion by Philosophy. The scent is light and soft -- really nice. It's a firming lotion, so I'm wondering if any of you ladies have used it long term? Does it really work? It's pretty pricey, so I'm doing my research first. Thanks!
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Its okay. Nivea has a nice firming cream I feel works fine. Inner Grace smells so good compared to the other firming creams out the but thats about it.
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I have used it in the sample size too......didn't notice anything "firmer" (hee hee) but I loved the scent and the way it felt! The only thing I ever notice with all the "firming" creams is softer and smoother skin. I usually just go with the Aveeno or Nivea firming creams and then buy more expensive ones just for the scent!
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