Ear piercing crusty is it infected?

Ear piercing crusty is it infected?

I got my ears pierced on my b-day a while ago but then one got infected and I had to repeirce that 1. The infection went away but recently(cuz this time I decided to take my time and wait a month after when I could switch out the stud to take them out.) I took out my earrings (sterling sliver) and there was this crust kind dark brownish around the hole. It didnt hurt or anything it just freaked me out. People said that was normal for new peircings but as I said before it's not really new new I was just being extra precautious in not taking them out. Other than the crust there are no other symptoms. Should I be freaking out? I am already cleaning it with the stuff I got when I got them at claires.
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Thank you I am keeping it cleaned and if any other symptom s pop up i will get it checked out. That said can I take out the original stud and wear other earrings or no?
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Definitely keep cleaning, but if it keeps oozing, then I'd have someone look at it. After a month, it shouldn't still ooze, so you might want to get it checked out.
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The same thing happened to me when I pierced my ears. I suggest cleaning your ears with Witch Hazel twice a day. If you have medical insurance, have an ENT or Dermatologist look at it. They will tell you if there is anything abnormal and might be able to give you some special cream to put on it. I wonder if there is any nickel in the earrings, that you might be reacting to.
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I think it sounds fine. That crusty build-up is normal, just make sure to keep the area clean with the disinfectant. I'm assuming it would be more red and have a discharge if it truly was infected. Just keep a watch on it.
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