Does Foundation damage the skin?

Does foundation damage the skin?

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No. But make sure you get some that works well with your skin and also don't forget to take it off at night so your pores don't get clogged.
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You need to be placing a barrier between your skin and the "beige paint". That way it doesn't sit directly on the skin-foundations can be drying. I would look for a moisturizing serum. Apply a couple of thin layers, and let it absorb for several minutes before applying foundation.
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for me it does but i have sort of sensitive skin, but in all it does because if you use it a lot it will probably give you spots
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yes, if it you put every day and you don't erase it with suitable foundation eracers.Otherwise it doesn't damage it :)
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it depends on the brand you use and the type your skin is
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No, not at all. Make sure to buy a foundation suitable for your skin type. If your skin is oily, stay away from heavy, creamy foundations.....choose something oil-free. Try a tinted moisturizer...they are light, sheer and feel great on the skin. They usually have an SPF which is very important. NARS and Laura Mercier make great tinted moisturizers.
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No if you are using the proper one for your skin and applying it correctly! Also making sure you are washing your face every night.

I would make sure that you are using a water based foundation and its a added bonus if it has SPF in it.

Less is more to start off with foundation and add little by little for the desire payoff.
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