Does chocolate cause breakouts?

Now that the holidays are upon us, I plan on doing more than my fair share in partaking of sweet treats. I love chocolate, and my current biggest indulgence is Coffee Bean's seasonal Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. It's just legen...wait for it... dary.

Hold on... okay, I'm back, had to go get another of Red Velvet.

One thing I can't afford is to get my money-maker all jacked-up from breakouts that usually follow chocolate overload. Is that a myth, or an incorrect correlation?

Thanks a latte for any advice!
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I sure hope not! :)
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Mmm Red Velvet Hot Chocolate sounds pretty amazing. I don't think it causes breakouts but what you eat can affect your skin. It's good to indulge but also make sure you're getting enough good nutrients and drink LOTS of water.
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I agree with swingstar.

I used to struggle with acne, so I'll just speak from personal experience! I've read many articles in the past and most, if not all, conclude that there is no scientific link between blemishes and the foods we eat. This may be true, but I've noticed how changing my diet from foods that are fried, greasy, processed, and sugar-filled to foods that are raw and nutritious changed everything!

Everyone's different, though. I have a friend who could eat chocolate on a daily basis and not have a single breakout. As for me, my body can't tolerate foods that are high in refined-sugar or dairy. It took me years to figure that out. The only true way to know for sure is to experiment on yourself and see what your body can and can't tolerate.
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@MonLovesMakeup I agree wholeheartedly: Myth, check! Keep drinking, nothing to see here.

@crewnut You should be @dealnut! Your deals have cost me enough this past month already. You're welcome @crewnut shared deals, enjoy my hard-earned money.

@charmybird I will make cucumbers, and melons be the "Yin" to my "Yang." That did not sound right.

@swingstar So what you're saying is I can stick to three a day, but make sure it's made with dark chocolate which would make me 3x as efficient at the gym. Double-check all over that!
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It's not so much the chocolate as it is the refined sugar (milk chocolate, baked goods, hot chocolate), white flour (baked goods), and milk (hot chocolate) that commonly come with chocolate. Diets that are high in dairy, sugar, or items with a high glycemic index (bread, potatoes, starches, etc.) will cause breakouts in people who are prone to acne.

An occasional indulgence is fine. Having it everyday is a bit excessive and will probably cause breakouts. Also, if you stick to darker chocolates with less sugar, you'll be better off. There are some very nice health benefits that come with dark chocolate (65% or 70% cocoa), ranging from antioxidants to an added efficiency in the gym.

And, wow. Now you have me craving Red Velvet. >_<
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I actually have that problem. If I ate too much chocolate my skin doesn't like it. It's the whole "heat" factor (or what the Chinese refer to as "yang) that chocolate has... there's not much but it's there. I would balance it out with something on the "cooler" side like... cucumbers, melons etc.
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Not sure if this is a fact or myth. Let's just go with myth so no one feels bad about drinking hot chocolate! ;)
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