Do u think plastic surgery is ok.

look what happened to this lady she looks horrible. thats why people these days are stoping plastic surgery. i think that plastic surgery is horrible some people turn out like a horror movie.
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I suppose it looks good on some people but your right that woman does look awful everyones beautiful the way they are! I say its okay but if you take it to far you may end up with your face really ugly so i wouldnt take my chances! But if your considering doing it its your own face you may do as you like with it. But personally for me i would never do it. I hope this helped you! x
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Well I think that whatever a person chooses to do with themselves is their own prerogative, as long as they're not hurting others in the process of doing so (e.g. if you're obviously a role model that little girls look up to, it may be best not to set an example with plastic surgery).
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ahm i think its ok>>>>>>>>>>>>
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Yes, this is terrible but it can look great on some people who do it correctly and with a very credible Plastic Surgeon. It just depends on the individual and the look they are wanting. This picture is the worst of the worst!
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it depends... but yes, Jocelyn Wildstien is very stupid the way she did hers! but it is needeed sometimes instead of stiches. but to change your face on purpose to change your beauty like that is unnecassary and can be very ugly...
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i would
it doesnt seem safe or needed.
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Well THIS particular look is awful but I would hope most people who are considering it wouldn't take it to this extreme and would research their doctor and the procedures and not end up with a botched up job.
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