Do i have a doll face?

People say I do, would like more opinions though.
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Not really a doll-like face... The lips and nose are very doll-like already, but your eyes need more work, and maybe a specific makeup. Also, I would recommend shaping your eyebrows differently, if possible. I recently read a book about natural beauty, and it claimed that having eyebrows that meet to be the same length as the corner of your eyes was considered, and is, in my opinion, very attractive and neat-looking, and can be used to achieve a very doll-like face. I try to be as honest as I can, so if it's no good, I apologize. I recommend trying natural toned makeup if you decide to try that, also, depending on how your hair is cut, you will look more doll like. By far though, overall yes, you have a much more doll-like face compared to many other people.
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yah. little mouth, round face and big eyes. id call that a doll face.
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I don't know if I think "doll" but you do have a very pretty face. :)
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Hmm, not sure what you mean by that. I do think you have big, pretty eyes though! :-)
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Yes! You totally look like a doll! Love it! That is the best compliment ever! Who wouldn't want to look like a doll?!! Must be the big, pretty eyes and round face.....darling! Also, you have fabulous eyebrows!
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OMG. You do look like a doll! Looking like a doll isn't a bad thing. :) You have big eyes (Which I love) and a small mouth like a doll. Also a doll like face shape. :)
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YES!! You have large, doe-like eyes, a small nose, and round face, which i think makes a doll so beautiful. :)
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yes but a nise one
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