dent in my forehead

Dent in my forehead

its a dent/scar and its about the size dot of a thick marker pen i dont no how to get rid of it help pleaze x
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It will take awhile, but if you use a vitamin A or retinol cream every night, eventually it will fade and the skin will heal. You can get one at your local drugstore. In the meantime, you will need a thick concealer to fill and smooth out the surface. Set with translucent powder.
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Yes, chicken pox marks can can try laser or just cover it up. I think most of us have a few chicken pox scars. Try Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Concealer, it's thick and covers well.
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I didn't see it in you profile pic so you must have concealed it quite well. You can use concealer or a dark powder or you can own it! My daughter is beautiful. I have posted a few pics of her, two with her covering her eye and two with it visible A few years ago her left eye began to close. No one knows why. we took her too many doctors etc. No one could help her. She was devastated because she is a great singer and wanted to be an actress/singer and thought her closed eye would ruin her chances. So after trying to conceal it with her hair, she decided to embrace her imperfection and make it the best thing about her. Always remember... your scars tell your story, and your imperfections make you mysterious and beautiful.
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1) Have it treated with a laser.

2) Have a light chemical peel (glycolic 20%)

3) Get a prescription for Renova or Retin-A from a dermatologist.
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its a chicken pox scar x
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