Cleanse, tone, moisturize?

I've always heard that to get rid of pimples and acne and have fresh, pretty and glowing skin I should cleanse it, tone it and then moisturize it. But if I have oily skin, should I moisturize it anyway?
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No matter what type of skin you have you should always wear a moisterizer. When you have oily acne prone skin you want something that is oil free so it doesn't clog your pores or cause other problems with your skin. Its also important to wash your face to keep the oil, bacteria, impurites under control. I recommened twice a day & putting a moisterizer on afterwards. Nightly you could use a toner or astrigent to help as well and a spot treatment if needed. During the day you can wear those things as well but if you wear make up sometimes it can be too much or start to effect your make up so its usually best to leave those for the night time. Plus you skin has a better time absorbing treatments, moisterization, etc without make up on.
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Yes, still moisturize and that treatment system sounds good. Definitely cleanse and moisturize if nothing else.
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Listen..it sounds like you're like me ok...well...used to be like me....but anyways....the oiliest part of my face was on my nose and underneath my eyes....like on my cheek bones....so what i did was use Clean and Clear.....its the Acne Kit....the first step was an acne face wash..the second step was the moisturizer...and yes it was oil-free....and you apply it over your whole face....the 3rd step is this cream that you put on the affected area only!!! and tbh....it really does work!!!

Let me get to the point though.....yes you should always moisturize your face....BUT....you must wash your face first and that is because if you apply the moisturizer on your face and you dont wash it first.....your pores can get clogged even worse so MAKE SURE YOU WASH YOUR FACE FIRST!!!!! LOL
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You need to use an oil-free moisturizer. If your skin is really oily, I would skip it all together.
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