Chapped hands.. moisturizer suggestions?

I'm getting really chapped hands from the cold weather in Cleveland. Any advice on a good hand moisturizer?
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If you have or can get cotton gloves to wear at night, that would be great. And put lots of healing lotion on your hands. Avoid lotions with lots of perfumes, because those usually are the ones that dont help to much, only burns when you put it on. This is the best stuff Ive used. http://www.amazon.com/Aquaphor-Healing-Ointment-1-7-tube/dp/B0000Y3DB4 It works very well. A little goes a long way. Best to wear with cotton gloves at night. If you wear it during the day it makes your hands look oily. It will heal your hands quickly. If your looking for a hand lotion for during the day, I would suggest something with shea butter in it or vitamin E.
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Aveeno hand moisturizer with the SPF 15 is fabulous! Try to put on every night before bed with some gloves to soak that moisture in!
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I cheat and use small amounts of freederm facial moisturiser on my hands. Works a treat, but only use in small amounts coz it's £7 for 50ml from Boots. Don't know how much it costs or where to get it outside the UK. Hope this helps! x
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