can you get rid of light freckles?

Can you get rid of light freckles?

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You can make them appear lighter by using a treatment serum like StriVectin-EV get Even. It has Vitamin C to fade spots and a chemical to help prevent pigment formation. It will not take them away, but simply fade them out a bit. FotoFacials from a Dermatologist work, my friend just had one and some of her freckles disappeared...they are pricey though and may take several treatments. Better for age 35 plus. Freckles are cute and give some uniqueness to your face!
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if you live in australia you'll be getting winter now, my freckles always fade alot in winter when the sun isn't as harsh. they fade they comeback. you can only prevent them from coming, soo sunscrean!!
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You can with concealer, but why would you want to? I love freckles. :)
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