Can facials at a young age harm your skin later on ?

Ive been talking to many people i knew about what age to start doing facials to my skin .. their response was that i should start getting facials done when im in my late 20's???
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I get facials every once in awhile and they make my skin feel great. I don't think one a week is necessary, but once in awhile to really clean out your pores is good.
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I think facials should be fine. I wouldn't probably do hardcore microderm, but a refreshing facial is a good way to treat yourself.
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I am a CA state board licensed esthetician, and I can tell you that facials cannot harm your skin. The only thing that might pose a problem, would be extractions that are done too aggresively. Always tell the esthetician you prefer manual extractions, not a comodone extractor.
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There is no specific age to start doing facials they are just a great way to get better skin for a special occasion
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No, facials do not harm your skin....just make sure to get a facial relevant to your skin type. I'm in my 40's so I go for the anti-aging facials! There are so many great facials for teenagers....just go to a good salon and a recommended esthetician. You will love a good facial, your skin will love it too!
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They do the opposite! They get rid of puffy eyes, bags and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. I'm 14 and I've had probably about 6-7 facials done in my life, and they are so relaxing!
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