Can any one give advice

As a transsexual woman i am keen to get advice on my look, te hairstyle in the picture is naturally mine
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I think the color of your hair is suiting on you. I would recommend to add some fun flirty layers to the length perhaps beginning at the cheekbones. I would lighten the bangs so that they are not only so solid but not as heavy either. It looks as though there is a bit of dimension in the color however I thing going in and adding a full head of high and low lights would help to break it up and create movement. Id incorporate a golden blond and thin pieces of caramel brown making sure to leave out plenty of your existing copper tone as to not change the all over base color.
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@x3Kel Most transgenders feel like the other gender in the first place, so they're just changing how they look on the outside so they can look like it, too, so stop being rude. This is a site where people can go for advice, not for harsh, unnecessary insults.

@lisasecrett Try some black/brown mascara, a brown/grey eyeliner, brownish eyeshadow, a coralish lipstick/lipgloss, foundation, concealer, and powder for a natural look. If you wanted to look a little more "done" try red lipstick or a darker eyeshadow, but don't do both at once or it looks overdone.

Good luck!

P.S. Love the hair. I've always been jealous of redheads :)
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