cam u help me!!

Cam u help me!!

after a couple days in the sun i have a big blister on my nose its so irritating what can i do for it, i aslo have a really bad sunburn on my face.
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Also I like to use Neosporin + Pain Relief Max Strength. After popping a pimple, I would apply this 2-3/day to heal and prevent scarring. It helped with the slight pain and discomfort too.

Best aloe vera is the natural source. If you can find a plant, cut off a stem, place in freezer, then apply. It'll soothe and heal a lot quicker.
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Aloe gel! Coat your nose and face in it! When the redness subsides, keep moisturizing your face so it doesn't peel. Aquaphor is a great product to rub on your face before bedtime!
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A product called: First Aid Beauty
Aloe plus Soothing gel
* Keep it in the fridge
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Go to the healthfood store and pick up some aloe gel and put this on your face. Don't pick at the blister, it might end up scarring. Ask your mom to make an appointment for you to see a Dermatologist. You need to be wearing a hat/sunglasses until it heals up, or you will get one burn on top of another-which would be really bad. After it heels, always put sun screen on. If you don't like cream sunscreens, try a powder. They absorb your sweat, leaving your face nice & dry. Try Jane Iredale's SPF-Me
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