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I made an appointment for my first Brazilian and just wanted to get some pointers. I know it's not going to be fun, but I'm looking forward to being fuzz free. So, if you've ever had one, let me know so there aren't any big surprises. Cuz I don't like surprises unless it's like, you know, a surprise diamond ring.
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Well the first time is rough because your hair follicle is thick. Every time you get it done its less and less painful because it thins out your hair and creates less to have to maintain. It will be fine and totally worth it!
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People make it worse than it what it is. I had it done recently for the first time and was so nervous. I just talked to the waxer throughout the whole thing and kept my mind off it. It's like getting a shot. It doesn't feel good by any means, but it's quick and then it's over. Good luck!
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I've been doing that darn wax for almost 10 years! I just decided to get laser hair removal so I don't have to deal with it anymore. Yes, it hurts.....make sure you have someone that specializes in Brazilians and hopefully they move quick. The only thing I hate is when they have you flip over....I think it's better to lift your legs up for those underneath hairs. It's worth it to be "fuzz-free" and it should last 6-7 weeks or so. So much better than shaving if you can handle to pain. Let us know how it goes!
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First, timing is of the essence. You should be two weeks after your cycle, otherwise the fluctuation in hormones, will make you very sensitive to this procedure. You need to trim your hair a little bit, but be careful to not trim it too short. Take three Advil or some other over the counter pain reliever about an hour before. You can also buy some numbing cream and massage it in about 20 minutes before you leave for the appointment(one I like: No Scream Cream). I would also suggest a Brazilian expert in your area that uses Sugaring, as opposed to waxing. Waxing goes against the grain of the follicle, whereas sugaring goes with it. Sugaring causes less irritation and you won't get the red bumps that you get with regular waxing. Which ever method you choose, exfoliating afterward is necessary to avoid ingrowns. Your esthetician can discuss this with you at the visit. Make sure you take a shower right before your appointment as cleanliness/sanitation is of utmost importance for this procedure. Remember to relax and take some deep breaths. Tell the esthetician if you need a break. Enjoy the results...They're truly worth it!
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