''Bangs/Fringes make your forehead greasy'' : Is that true?

''bangs/fringes make your forehead greasy'' : is that true?

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as long as your hair is clean, no!
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Depends on how much you perspire and if your hair tends to be oily.
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I think it could if you have a lot of product in your hair and your skin is on the oily side. Try rubbing some dry shampoo through your bangs and using a foundation primer/mattifier on your forehead. Oil blotting papers work great to keep your forehead shine free too!
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It can be if you perspire a lot. Using products on your bangs can rub around the forehead all day on top of sweat trapped between the bangs and forehead can definitely lead to a "greasy" look. It really all depends on your skin type and hair care though. This isn't always the case for everyone with bangs however.
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yes but i do wash my forehead oftern and i use clearsil rapid action it works in 4 hours and reduces spots and redness
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