Acne how to get rid of it!

Acne how to get rid of it!

I'm 18 and I just stared getting back acne right after I got my tattoo I was using Vaseline lotion for it of course for after care. It's gross to have acne on your back and I really don't want it, so please how do I get rid of it??.
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The vaseline lotion is most likely too heavy and causing your back to break out. Try Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Body has salicylic acid to help prevent further breakouts, (and it smells fabulous)! Also, check out the article under the "Trend" section that @GoodFaith wrote on back has tons of great tips for you!
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i know this may sound crazy but rubbing distilled white vinegar on the acne after you take a shower would clear it up in a weeks time. i know you may be thinking that your going to smell like vinegar but it will only linger for a few minutes. once its dry you wont smell anything.Ive done it everyday since i've discoveed this little remedy and havent had a pimple since.Make sure to stay away from putting oils on the acne like "vaseline" which just clogs the pores and makes it worst. But anyway try the vinegar. im 100% it will go away.
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Stop using the Vaseline lotion, because I have a feeling it's contributing to the problem. I have written an extensive article on back acne. Find it by typing: Bacne- into the search bar at the top of the page. I would suggest using a little coconut oil to condition your tatoo. Another option, would be to schedule an appointment to see a Dermatologist and ask for a prescription for Aczone gel. This is the latest acne technology and will clear you up right away.
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